Dove partners with businesses of all sizes to provide an amazing and affordable health benefit.  Call us now to see if Dove is a great fit for your employees. 1-256-251-2566 ext-2

Dove Business Accounts

Why partner with Dove:

  • Improve Employee Health and Longevity

  • Improve Morale by offering a great health benefit

  • Decrease absence from work

  • Decrease medical insurance claims

  • Decrease medical premiums

  • Employees can call/text their provider rather than waiting for hours in urgent care or ER

Getting started is easy:


  • Contact us and schedule a business consult

  • Fill out the 1 page corporate enrollment form

  • We handle employee education by coming on-site

  • Business choose billing date and form of payment

    • decide if business will be paying all/part of fees or payroll deducting​

  • Employees enroll and schedule initial visit

    • if larger company >30, we can do this on-site as well​ 

Employers are enjoying an affordable healthcare option and employees are having an amazing healthcare experience. Partnering with Dove is quick and easy. Call today to get started. 

Call us today on +256-251-2566

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